Wednesday, February 9, 2011

As most of you are aware, the last few days have been pretty hard for me. It was a Double-Bill this weekend with both a nasty, nasty intestinal virus hitting me like a Mack truck and then a kidney stone decided to show up since I was already doubled-over in the bathroom.

The intestinal virus has since worked itself out of my body. The exorcism helped a great deal. I'm slowly hydrating myself and feeling like my old self. Old being the operative word.

The kidney stone, a little bruiser weighing in at 4mm, has not passed yet and I'm trying to stay on top of all the pain with the right doses of prescribed med's. There's also a witch doctor stopping by on Friday, just for good measure. Yes. This is my second (18th total) kidney stone in about two months and I think the culprit is the medicines I am taking for my neck and head. Just a lousy side effect, I guess and one that is not listed as possible side effects.

The worse thing about a kidney stone, other than the constant feeling that you are being castrated from the inside out, is the constant sensation that you have to urinate and the up teem trips to the bathroom that only end in disappointment and frustration. Sort of like visiting New Jersey on vacation.

I'm kidding. I'm a Jersey boy and can joke about my home state.


I have seen a chiropractor twice now and have received some much needed relief. Upon reviewing my X-Rays (notice I didn't say MRI's? That's important!) it was revealed that there is a problem in my spine. Although straight and showing no signs of curvature or degradation, there is a problem with C2. Which, as it turns out, is the exact spot where all of my pain is radiating from and causing my headaches.

It seems that C2 is rotated and turning slightly downward, thus pinching my greater occipital nerve. It really does explain everything I have been going through this last year and a half.


I'm not going to go into some rant about you missed that...because it would be embarrassing for you and me but....seriously...


Apparently this condition is quite common and can be repaired without surgery. In fact with some light traction and with the assistance of this little min-jackhammer device, the troublesome disc can be encouraged to move back into position.

So that's it.
The very latest.
I'm currently in the process of rethinking my diet and vitamin plan. This plan includes eliminating a lot of the bad things I have been indulging in for too long and hopefully losing some weight.
I've had a great start. I've lost almost 13 pounds over the course of the last three days.

Now...if I only I could pee...when I wanted to....ahhhhh....sweet victory!

And that's Jody with a "y"


  1. Wooo-hooo!!!!! Boo for the rocks in your system, but YAY FOR ANSWERS AND PAIN RELIEF!!!!!!

    And yay for you for not taking no for an answer.

    The obvious question is, how many poor souls are left to suffer without relief forever because some stupid "doctor" is telling them their problem can't be fixed??? Pain is serious stuff. I knew a man who killed himself because his chronic pain was unbearable.

    Yay for chiropractors!

  2. you even seem like you're feeling better, neck wise, honey. YaY and ... i love you <3

  3. I am just thankful you stayed with this thing long enough to find someone who could figure it out.
    Now get rid of the kidney stone and perhaps you can live life again.

  4. I'm completely mystified as to how MCV - a medical college!! - could've missed something so obvious that is visible on an X-ray. Reminds me of the story about the guy who was complaining of serious pain in his foot, and they took him to a series of doctors, none of whom could pinpoint the cause, then he was out shopping for new shoes and the salesman there (who had seen far too many feet for one lifetime) pointed out that he had an odd shape to his foot that turned out to be due to some missing bone or cartilage or something, so as he walked, two of his foot bones were grinding together. Sometimes it takes a REAL expert to see these things!

    I hope and pray that everything gets all fixed up soon. I'm still amazed and impressed that you've kept your sense of humor (mostly) through the entire ordeal. You have some serious True Grit! (Can I call you "Rooster"?)

  5. I would love for you to call me 'Rooster,' Robert. That was just 'Rooster.' NOT 'Rooster Robert.'