Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I think that says everything about how I am feeling right now.

My appointment went horribly today. I'm hurting too much to go into any detail.

Suffice to say, I am done. I have nothing left in me. There is no fight left. There is no hope of ever feeling better. And there is nothing left to say.

I thank you all for reading this blog, sharing in my drama, venting with me, and most importantly, sending me your constant support and love.

I don't know what I am going to do but writing about nothing is better done by people named Seinfeld.

I am sad. I am in pain. And there's no point talking about it anymore.

If, at some point, I happen to cross over the rainbow and meet the man behind the curtain who just so happens to have what I need in a pocket of his worn overcoat, I might jot down a few words.

Fly and be free, friends.

Be good.
Be good to one another.
Live long...and prosper.


  1. And I know you're done talking about it, but there's a pain management clinic in Richmond that says on their website that they work with people who have no insurance. Says it right on the bottom of their "policies" page. Even if you can't be cured, they could surely help with your pain. I love you!

  2. You. Can't. Do. This. To me.

    {said in a very William Shatner cadence}

    You must write. You must draw. You must breathe.

    Breathe. Write. Breathe. Draw. Breathe.

    I. Must. Read.



    {sound of life being sucked out of my body, cell by cell}

    If not for yourself, if not for nothing, then for those of us who have become addicted to your words, your clever and altogether soul-searing use of the right words.

    I miss them already. Where are my Jody-words???

  3. Jody, I don't know what to say to ease your pain in your body and your heart but I want you to know that I am praying for God to ease your suffering and give you something to live for again.
    Love from Jeanne and Rob's mom