Friday, September 17, 2010

TACK: (n) a course of action or conduct, esp. one differing from some preceding or other course; one of the movements of a zigzag course on land; a course run against the wind

"Breaking all of the rules that would bend I began to find myself searching Searching for shelter again and again..."
Against the Wind, Bob Seger

Everyone gets to that point. The point where something slaps you awake and you realize that just saying "I'm sorry that doesn't work for me" just doesn't cut it.

I'm at that point. The point where I need to change my tack. In other words, I'm zig-zagging all over the damn place.

I've had a few really bad days. And sadly, for me, these increased pain levels came as a result of me making myself work in my studio, which by now, has startled to resemble a ghost town. I just need a few tumbleweeds to complete the look. I've ordered a few from IKEA. They'll be here in a few weeks. I hope they're easy to assemble. I know how those Dutch are though.

So, anyway, I made myself work and I got two pieces done.

If you'd like, you can see them here.
(You'll have to 'click' on the word 'here')

And for the record, all through my previous blog posts, starting some time back, I have hidden links to some other sites. Some of the links appear as underlined words. Some words appear darker than others. It depends on the link, I suppose. I'm not sure why, really, just look for something different I guess.

For instance, if you go back to my last post, I made mention there of giving someone a good slapping. There's a hidden link there that will take you to a youtube video of The 3 Stooges.

Some of these 'Easter eggs' are bits of information. There's only with The 3 Stooges though. While telling my story, I talk about a lot of medical procedures and thought I would supply relevant information pertaining to those treatments.

I'm the least technical person I know. I wouldn't even think about reading instructions, for let's say, "How To Assemble Solar Panels', so I'm not going to make you read them just to be able to tell you how I'm feeling.

Some are informative. Some are just simple little mental pallet cleansers.

I'm changing my tack.

I've gone outside my MCV discomfort zone. In my quest to find new eyes, a new perspective, I've contacted another hospital here in Richmond and also John Hopkins in Baltimore.

I do have an EMG scheduled in October at MCV. I will keep that appointment. If only to satisfy my curiosity. This will be the only sort of test that MCV has done.

Amazing isn't it?

They've told me exactly what is wrong with me but this is the first time they're going to be sticking a needle in me other than to take blood. This is the first action they've taken to figure out what is wrong with me. Usually I get to watch them stare at a screen and then wait three months to hear what they've decided.

Granted they are doing the test in October and making me wait til' November to tell me the results.

I swear doctors write for television.

Tune in NEXT SEASON to see if MacGyver survives the mine shaft collapse!

So. Say it with me...

"I'm sorry. That doesn't work for me."

Does it really take that long to read the results from an EMG? I'm asking. I don't know. I'm not a doctor. It's electronic. And computerized!

We're not talking the camera from The Flintstones here, where there's a bird inside carving a picture with it's beak! It's the year 2010! We've gone digital! For Pete's Sake! I CAN GET PHOTOS BACK FROM WALMART IN TWO DAYS!!

The EMG might be the one "AHA!!" test in which they finally admit that, "Yes. There is something seriously wrong with you. Sorry we had our heads in our asses for a year."

I'm not going to hold my breath though. I'm just going to remain optimistically skeptical. Kind of like my parents were the four years I was in high school.

and that's 'Jody' with a "y"


  1. There have got to be some good doctors somewhere near you who will keep at it till they find a way to help you. Praying you will find them!!!

  2. I'm still waiting for that Tricorder from Star Trek. Or even the scanning bed they had. What's with this needle thing? It's the 21st century already! They've had all kinds of scanning/sensing technology around for years and years! We should be able to go down to Walmart and get a full body scan by now! Hey, that gives me an idea. They just got the full body scanner over at the airport, the one where they can see "everything". Maybe I can ask the operator to crank it up so I can see that hernia operation scar from when I was an infant...